About Ninthavenue

Why Choose NinthAvenue?
At NinthAvenue, we’ve turned all your beauty shopping needs into an affordable all-in-one affair.

There’s no need to sacrifice time or money to get great products. Our products are all from trusted brands, so it’s easy to be the best version of yourself in style.
To put it simply, our focus is getting amazing products to you quickly, safely, and without breaking the bank. When you shop NinthAvenue, you buy everything in one place and get it shipped fast to your doorstep.

We want to be your top choice for anything and everything beauty.

Often, what starts as self-care ends up being so complicated that it just becomes another source of stress, so we’re doing everything we can to prevent that. We hope to not only help you along your beauty journey by offering only the best selection of products, but to save you time and money, too.

The NinthAvenue Difference
We’ve made it our life’s work to give our customers everything they need to make their beauty routines effortless.

Between high prices, needing to search different stores, and paying high shipping prices, far too many shoppers end up getting less for more when it should be the opposite. We’ve set ourselves apart from the crowd by providing you with the best products at the lowest prices, and of course, making the customer our top priority. After all, that’s the way it should be.

How Did NinthAvenue Start?
We are a group of beauty lovers who got sick of searching high and low for our favourite products.

Often, we would end up scouring the internet for the items we wanted, and paying extra in shipping to shop at different retailers. NinthAvenue puts everything in one place, making it easy to shop for beauty, hair, makeup and skincare without the extra stress or cost.

We decided to start a cosmetic, skincare, and beauty brand that prioritizes customers over profits by only stocking the best products from the most trusted brands on the market, all at great prices. Want to look and feel better 24/7? NinthAvenue is the place to be.

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